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Getting help for your students

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Getting help for your students
by Stephen K. Spyker - Wednesday, April 6, 2005, 12:07 PM
There are now two parallel course sites in moodle, one at and one at, both called Moodle 101, both under "Group Sites and Experimental Courses." Each of them has a forum called "Moodle Helpdesk." As you set up your courses in Moodle, I encourage you to direct students to use these forums to ask technical questions. As an alternative you could set up a "tech support" forum of your own within your course, however, if you do this be sure to alert Zach and I to the fact so that we can subscribe to the forum and be alerted via email when questions are posted (this may result in us showing up as students in your course). Obviously we'd prefer a more centralized forum where, hopefully, we will have to answer the same old questions less often.

To create a link to Moodle 101 on this (the ESR) site, use this URL:

Yes, it is a little redundant having two "Moodle 101" course sites, but many students (especially the ones with lot's of questions) will be taking only one online course (their first) and would be confused by suddenly having to log into the other school's Moodle site. It also helps us a little bit in that some issues will be site-specific, and it can be tricky sometimes finding langauge that will cover both sites.