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    BTS/ESR New Student Orientation 2017-18

    Welcome to the seminary community!

    As you get settled into seminary life, this site will contain useful information to help you on your way.  Here, you will find the student handbooks, orientation videos, and a handful of other resources.  Feel free to refer back to this site as questions arise.

    May this be the start of a deep and blessed journey for you!

  • To Be Completed: ATS Entering Student Questionnaires


    You will need to enter and complete the questionnaire for your seminary of admission. The ATS ESQ Student Manual is for use by both ESR and Bethany students. It is only for assistance, should you need it.

    To complete the survey, you must:

    • disable pop up blockers
    • use a laptop or desktop--no tablets or smart phones
    • make sure you scroll through all the way to the bottom of all questions to see the full answer possibilities

    Please note, the final page of the questionnaire will have the completion rate, and it may be less than 100% as all questions are not related to all students

    Both seminaries use this questionnaire for institutional assessment, best practices, and to know our students better. All information is kept confidential.

    You may experience that the survey pushes you to finish when you are not yet at 100%. That is ok. It is how the survey is written. Thank you.

    • Seminary Handbooks

      Please read through the student handbook completely. I highly recommend doing so in a comfy chair, a cool glass of iced tea or a comforting mocha at your side....feet up. 

      Each handbook contains a wealth of information.  Find yourself with questions about policies, required forms, or seminary life? Check the handbook!  Your answer will most likely be there.

      • Plagiarism and Citation Policies

        Our students are expected to research and write from a place of integrity and ethics. Plagiarism remains a problem for those seeking a shortcut, or others who simply have not cited properly. This video is required watching so that you are fully informed about the expectations of Bethany and ESR. Always have the confidence to contact your professors for assistance in issues of citation.

        Thank you.

      • Library Resources

        The Lily Library is available for use by all seminary students.  In addition to the book collections, there are a variety of online resources that students may access.  The following videos will offer some assistance as you begin your research projects.  If you have any questions about library usage or resources, feel free to contact the Seminary Librarian, Karla Fribley.  

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