From the barrage of social media platforms to website presence to electronic communications enabled by computers and smartphones, to a 24/7 cultural expectation of availability, the role of the ministerial leadership has also shifted. In this new digital age, how can one ensure that the practices of ministry remain grounded in the core principles of pastoral care and discipleship? How does the ministerial leader avoid substituting high touch ministry with high-tech gadgets? What is the role of the ministerial leader in reminding communities of faith about healthy boundaries in the building of community that furthers the life of discipleship through electronic platforms and social media? How does the ministerial leader maintain healthy Sabbath practices in a 24/7 connected world? This seminar-style course investigates the practical tools that exist to enhance ministry and considers these theologically related questions which explore the relationship of ministry to technology. The class participants will examine the responsible engagement of these digital tools in the work of serving God’s people as ministers of the Gospel.