Old Brethren Courses

Participants in this course will explore the theology and structure of worship as it is expressed in the free church tradition. We will encourage awareness of our own expressive gifts and develop them for planning and leading gathered believers in worship. We will explore a variety of worship styles, emphasize including all ages in worship, explore ways to use music, and write prayers and other spoken resources

Introduction to the academic discipline of Biblical Studies as well as to online learning, and Brethren approaches to Scripture. Required for beginning TRIM students, optional for EFSM.

Jesus commissioned his disciples to go, make, and teachdisciples (Matthew 28:19-20a). The church’s educational ministry plays anessential role in its efforts to fulfill the Great Commission, facilitating thelifelong trans/formation of faith.

During this course, we will explore:

·  the importance of educational ministry;

·  the ways in which the church carries out thisministry in both formal and informal ways;

·  the variety of ways in which people learn and grow;and

·  the particularities of engaging in educationalministry with people across the lifespan.

As a result, students will take away both an enrichedtheoretical understanding of the church’s educational ministry as well asenhanced practical skills for teaching and learning within the faith community.