The Supervised Ministry Seminar helps students prepare for ministry through an internship in a setting appropriate for their calling/gifts and through reflection on their ministry. Each week, supervision by an experienced practitioner provides feedback, guidance, nurture, and evaluation, as does the seminar in which students present and process incidents in ministry. In addition, students attend at least 30 hours of workshops related to their ministry. Arrangements for supervised ministry sites/projects, and for weekly reflection with a supervisor, are made during the second semester of the previous year. 9 semester hours

A year-long course meeting once a week providing a formational context in which to process seminary life and discern readiness to participate in Ministry Formation 301. The entire year-long experience will be an examination of what is necessary to become a “balanced, reflective practitioner” of ministry. This core principle will be examined through the prism of six important lenses which are understood as two interlocking triangles of understanding. The first triangle is comprised of God Awareness, Self Awareness, and Contextual Awareness. The second involves the intersection of Thinking (Mind), Doing (Body) and Being (Spirit). As students examine these core principles, the course will invite an exploration of a variety of issues related to ministerial leadership, exploring the ways that ministry is grounded in a contextual framework; looking at this reality as it relates to a whole host of key concepts and issues. This exploration will further include a wide-ranging investigation of the importance of a life committed to the work and art of discernment through spiritual development focused on immersion within the classic spiritual disciplines. All of this will be explored in the classroom through lectures, assigned readings, discussions and the required participation in a spiritual formation group where students will be given the opportunity to examine and practice a variety of spiritual disciplines first-hand.

Participants will engage in critical and constructive reflection concurrent with their field education placement. In the large group, a variety of ministry topics will be considered. In smaller groups, students will work with case studies and the ministry resources of their faith journeys. Group interaction and leadership are important components pf the learning process. A total of 6 semester hours of credit will be granted at the completion of the year long course.