In FC 339/339-T, students explore ministry, vocation, and methods of discernment primarily from Quaker tradition, listen for God’s leadings, learn and apply various ways to understand, discern, name, and nurture gifts and callings of others, identify their own and class members’ gifts for ministry, gain insight into related challenges and limitations, and test with others their sense of calling and gifts for ministry.


This course will provide the framework and theory of restorative justice, a conflict engagement model for encountering damage, repairing harm, and working at the transformation of people, relationships and communities.  With its particular focus on the needs of victims, offenders, and their communities of support, the course will also explore both the role of forgiveness, as well as the spiritual preparation needed for helpful conflict engagement and facilitation.  It will also look at the intersection of procedures such as negotiation, mediation and circle processes in order to discern what is helpful and what is not in particular situations of conflict where the issue of injustice arises.