This course examines the various uses and interpretations by Quakers of the Bible throughout their history and engages central issues such as history of interpretation, hermeneutics, and the authority of Scripture. The course will also engage the question of whether there is an historical Quaker core and what makes a reading of the Bible Quaker in today's context.

Participants in this seminar will study Paul’s longest letter to Corinth in conversation with interpreters from around the world, including the global South and East. Our goal will be to experience some of the wealth of meanings that biblical texts can have when our reading communities expand to include people with a wide range of experiences and cultural perspectives. As we observe how others discern meanings appropriate for their contexts, we will also practice skills of close reading, disciplined discernment, empathetic imagination, and ethical reflection that can undergird efforts to contextualize scripture faithfully in the various situations where we are called to minister.