The Letter of James is a unique and fascinating text in the New Testament and a sometimes controversial document in the history of Christianity. The letter contains philosophical and ethical instruction that could have been written by a Hellenistic Jew around the period of the birth of Christianity. At least it gives us a glimpse into a Jewish Christian community and how that group was guided in their social and spiritual life together. We will explore the context of the letter and the theological, philosophical, and spiritual themes within the letter. Prerequisite: B/BIST 102. 3 semester hours

Ministers-in-training gain experience in doing full-time or part-time extended ministry in congregations, camps, hospitals, social ministry settings, district or conference programs. Students are given opportunities to engage in specific forms of ministry and to reflect on their practice of ministry through supervision. Placements will extend 10 or more weeks and will typically be full-time (400 or more hours). 3 semester hours